Is your practice aligned with your spirit, your dreams and what you want your days to look like?
My friend, this is your reminder that honoring your own time, energy and healing is the only way forward in a healing business. We see you. Let's grow together.
We are a collective of healers elevating the overall wellness of the world and ourselves.
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Learn from our Expert Business Partners
Enjoy the HHC Resource Library of presentations on topics specifically designed to help you grow your healing business based on the 'asks' of our Holistic Healers Collective. More to come & you can attend any upcoming events as part of your free membership trial.
Align Yourself and Your Practice
Growth starts with self-awareness. This is an in depth self-assessment questionnaire reviewing all five Foundations for what makes a thriving healing practice/business. This is meant to be reviewed quarterly so you can get an honest look at what is going well in your business and what to work on next to avoid any overwhelm.
Master the Foundations
The Foundations curriculum is like getting an MBA in holistic healing and covers the boiled down version of what you need of what you need to run a thriving and successful healing business - and taking care of your most important asset in the process - YOU!
What We Believe in.... 
Serving from the heart
We offer our services from our hearts with an ethical and client-centered perspective, always with the intent to serve and heal.
Being open and curious
We believe there is more than one way to heal and we are going to support and guide our clients to whatever healing modalities they need so they can live their lives to the fullest.
We believe in honoring the differences between each of us, in our own unique life experiences and as such, the healing modalities that we have dedicated our lives to. We approach new ways with an open and curious mind and heart, ready to learn.
Caring for ourselves as healers
We believe that WE get to live our lives to the fullest too, and we take our own healing and sacred self-love so seriously that we are constantly seeking within to know what we need to fill ourselves back up from all the giving we do so that we can stay bright as the leaders and pillars that we are in our communities.
Together is better
We wholeheartedly support the growth and expansion of each and every person in the Holistic Healers Collective and lead with an abundant heart knowing the possibilities for healing are endless and that we each uniquely have clients that are meant to cross our paths.
Join Our Collective of Healers
Light multiplies light in the world.

This community is designed to be a space that grows you and your practice through connection, taking care of yourself and finding your alignment with what you set out to do when you became a healer.

Networking. Trainings. Healing as a collective.

Join us and get aligned with yourself and your practice.
Curious?  Let's talk
Emily has a few spaces each month available on her calendar for members who want to explore their practice alignment, or for anyone curious about the Holistic Healers Collective and how they can join, partner and grow together in wellness.
Look around our network of healers to find:
  •  Your next collaboration / partnership
  • A trusted healer to refer to
  • Your next level of personal healing    
Meet Emily
Emily is the Executive Director and Founder of S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness. Along with her work as a therapist, Emily has taught Reiki Training + Certification and conducted Reiki Healing sessions for more than a decade.

She founded the Holistic Healers Collective as a community to multiply the growth and goodness of wellness practices - if you ever wanted to feel like you have an MBA in wellness businesses while also experiencing a healing therapy session in a room full of healers like you, this is your place!
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